"LOVE" Project

Who DOESN'T like to get a lil' LOVE on Valentines Day?!
And because we have such wonderful sponsors and amazing supporters,
we were able to give a whole lotta LOVE!
Another big success, a bunch of sweetness delivered
and a super wonderful day for all that were involved.
Many, many heartfelt thanks to all that participated!!!

These very hip and cool hearts, made by the lovely Vikki Jensen,
were stuffed with goodness and given to each kid that was
admitted at Doernbechers Children's Hospital, Oncology Unit.
Filled with Valentines cards, gift certificates and treats...the kids
and their families were very surprised and thoroughly enjoyed
their lil' bundles of LOVE :)

Coolest kid EVER! Below is Sam and his mom Dee, and not only did they receive
some super special LOVE on Valentines Day, but back in September,
Sam was also one of the kids that received one of the Healing Hunter Foundation's iPods!

The nurses all delivered the hearts stuffed with LOVE,
but Sam and his mom wanted to personally thank us,
so Ryder and I got to meet them!

He thanked us with a super sweet smile and
thought our foundation was really, really neat :)

He only has 5 more treatments out of 60, so he's almost done!
Way to go Sam!!!!! You're AWESOME!!!!!
It was a total honor to meet you and you're gonna beat cancer's BUTT!!

We received over 500 cards from people all over the world.
We even got cards all the way from ENGLAND
to share with the kids!

Ryder and I getting ready to go in to deliver the LOVE :)

A Groovy Kind of LOVE indeed :)

Spectacular Winter Wonderland

We were granted the amazing opportunity to transform the Doernbechers
Children's Hospital, Oncology Unit, into a Spectacular Winter Wonderland
for the
holidays and WOW...absolutely fabulous
are the only words that come to mind.

We did it up, dazzling, Dr. Seuss Style and it was well received and
extremely appreciated by the patients and their families,
the staff, and all of the visitors that are in and out
of the hospital on a daily basis.

People from all over the country donated thousands of dollars
worth or ornaments to make it all happen and I'll have to say,
our supporters have great style!

These are all photographs of the ornaments that were donated
and the halls that were decorated :)

Our awesome tree topper!

The nurses station on 10 South as you enter the Oncology Unit.

The avenue of FIGHTERS.
Hunter and many, many, MANY
other warriors walked these halls and fought
and still continue to fight for their lives.

Our Dr. Seuss "Grinch" tree. Even Dr. Seuss took notice -
Dr. Seuss - "Very creative! We love it!"

This wonderful note was left behind the nurses station in Clinic.
Makes it all so worth it :)

We covered the walls with holiday cheer every single place we could...

And, of COUSE, Lightning McQueen made an appearance!

One of my favorite parts...the children's windows lined with garland.
Totally brought me to "Seussville"!

Our Healing Hunter Foundation ornaments that sold out in the first week!

We brightened every single nook and cranny.

And it all came from LOVE :)

"SUCH an amazing event. Tons and tons and TONS of people participated
and an amazing amount of people to thank :) Fantastic feedback.
Everyone up at the hospital loves it. Just lovely. Absolutely lovely.
It's an event that will hopefully continue for years and years to come."
Healing Hunter Foundation

iPod Birthday Bash

Every single, brave, kiddo that was admitted in the Doernbechers Children's Hospital, Oncology Unit, received an iPod Touch on behalf of Hunter Zen Thawley and his Foundation, the Healing Hunter Foundation. iPods were given as gifts to Honor what would have been Hunter's 4th Birthday. Hunter was rarely seen without his iPod and used it to dance, wiggle and giggle his way through his treatments as he battled AML Leukemia.

Sweet note to Hunter from Mom:

Happy Birthday Sunshine :) I'm up right now baking cupcakes
to take in today to Doernbechers. I'm using our Lightning McQueen
cupcake cups and they're making me smile pretty big right now.

You are such a sweet love, and you and your beautiful energy
are going to deliver absolute sweetness today
....goes hand-in-hand with Lightning Cupcakes.
i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.

My love for you is never ending.....
it will just go on forever and ever and ever and ever.....tee hee.

Shine on Baby Love......

Stefani Sucic -

Today we all celebrate an amazing angel ...
and we hug and cherish his mom and dad and baby brother.
You spread your love and kindness every day, and I know I speak
for all those who have been touched by Hunter and your amazing grace,
thank you for your unselfish love.

Two of our fabulous sponsors, Paul Stanley, from KISS
and Celebrity Hairstylist, Chaz Dean,
also known for his AMAZING Wen products.
Both donated iPods to help entertain and distract the
children from the everyday battle of dealing with their
disease and living in and out of the hospital for,
sometimes, weeks or months at a time.

Hunter and his iPod...never a single moment without it :)

Fox 12 News covering the story :)

Super happy kiddos!

Reina Jenkins

My son Tanner is one of the kids that received this special gift! We've been in 10S for Bone Marrow Transplant. He's been in isolation for 3 weeks...this will be a special treat for him. He's still sleeping and I can't wait for him to wake up. Thank you so much for sharing Hunter's special day with us. We will be sure to share some pictures!


Definitely put a smile on our lil guys face...very hard these days to do! Thank you again for sharing Hunter's special day with Tanner. Grateful for one smile at a time!

Elizabeth Curley

My son, Mason, also was among the other children at doernbecher's
that was given such a generous gift. Mason was diagnosed with
stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma on 9/13/2011... it broke my heart
and took my breath away all at the same time. i know we have
a long road ahead of us! Thank you soo much for the opportunity to get to
know hunters story and also for putting a smile on my sons face
he needed it bc today was not one of his good days... :'-( thank you again!

Surprise EASTER Delivery

Surprise Easter delivery to some sweet lil' bunnies up

Easter 2011

A lil' bunny came and whispered in my ear and said we
should do a surprise Easter delivery up to the children,
Nurses and Doctors at Doernbechers Children's Hospital...
and so we did!