3rd Annual iPod Birthday BASH

A GIFT TO REMEMBER | Lenore Thawley (right), President and Founder of the Healing Hunter Foundationgives an iPod to Noemi Torres, a patient at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, on Friday. This is the third year that Thawley's foundation has given gifts to youths battling cancer at area hospitals to mark the Sept. 21 birthday of her son, Hunter, who died of Leukemia in 2010.

Healing Hunter Foundation's iPod Birthday BASH - 2013 

The Healing Hunter Foundation donated an iPod Touch to every child battling cancer at 
 Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital on Friday, Sept. 20th in honor of their son Hunter, who lost his battle to AML Leukemia in 2010. 

It's was an amazing fundraising effort and 
with the help, support and love of all of their sponsors, fans,
friends and family, they were able to donate 40 iPods this year!!!!!

The kids were truly, over the moon, with excitement
when they received their spunky, lil packages that contained
a 4th Generation, 16gig iPod Touch.

Hand delivered with love, these gifts provide amazing
amounts of entertainment and joy while these brave, lil'
warriors go through treatment, usually for weeks or months at a time.

It opens up a whole world of FUN for them
right at their fingertips and they are always greatly appreciated!

(Photo courtesy of Oregon Live
 Doug Beghtel / The Oregonian)
(Purchased 9/24/13)

Gifting an iPod touch to Noemi Torres, a patient at

Nettie Spaghetti-Cardinalli - 
I still stand in awe of you Angel Hunter! 
The abundance of love that a sweet little guy like you can spread 
throughout time and space just fascinates me! 
Happy birthday buddy! Hugs and Kisses

(Photo courtesy of Chrissy Rhyasen Smith

Chrissy Rhyasen Smith - 
Monty got an I pod touch from the Healing Hunter Foundation
what an awesome Birthday its turning out to be. 
Thank you Lenore Davis, and your amazing friends and family 
for loving all the kiddos up there!

2013 iPod Packaging

Hunter with his Mom and Dad - 2008
 Photo courtesy of Chris Schmitt of

KGW Channel 8 Covering the 2013 iPod Birthday BASH

Heaven Lenderman
The Healing Hunter Foundation is so amazing! I cant believe some of the wonderful things that they were giving to people today! It really touched our lives on how thoughtful and kindhearted these people are that help create this foundation. Its people like you who help those families feel loved and supported during their battling times! Thank you again for all you do and being so loving and caring to the other children who are battling!

Clarissa Coffin

We received a wonderful gift today. Our family has support and kindness from you all, the Hunter Healing Foundation! Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you all from our family.

Nothing but pure, sweet Hunter LOVE going out to all of these amazing Sponsors!

2013 iPod Birthday BASH Sponsors

Lightning Sponsor 
(Golden Giving)

(2) iPods

Kristen Caputo & Family
Children & Adolescents Clinic

The Escher Family 

Priscilla & Richard Tallman 

(1) iPod

Tammy Bottemiller
Jenna Briola & Family

Kristen & Eric Davis

Nina Fine Le & Family

Stefani Fisher

Anthony Lamontanaro

Carmella & Chris Lyman

Masha & Ric Markmann

Michelle McLeod
Rachel & Rob McQueen
Lesa & Taylor Miller
Nike - Global Giving
Raina & Jason O’Hare
Anna & Bill Perry - Perry's on Fremont Restaurant - Since 1984
Stancy & Bobby Plumley

Aubrey Ray
Regina & Mike Siemon
Erin & Paul Stanley from KISS
Donna Sukiennik

Tera Torres & Family

In Honor of Keaton Traffie

Mara Posa Tripi

Lisa Weber

Carrie Weston

Tammy Wilhoite

Kendell & Marty Young

Anonnymous - on behalf of theNurses & Nurse Practitioners 

Partial Sponsors:

Nicole Atkinson 
Emily, Joe & Tommy Jessal
Cinda Lonsway
Jill Metz
Emily Perry Tresser

Birthday Cake / Cupcake Sponsor

The Healing Hunter Foundation is an official 501(c)(3)


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