2017 iPad Birthday BASH - We DID IT!!!

The 2017 iPad Birthday BASH was a HUGE success!!

"Happy Birthday Baby Love.  The wonderful things you have made happen".
Eric & Kristen Davis, Hunter's Aunt and Uncle

Smiles galore!

100 iPads & iPods were delivered to 5 major children's
hospitals up and down the West Coast!!

Nick Busscher and Hollywood's Celebrity Hairstylist, 
Chaz Dean, donated enough for (3) hospitals all on their OWN!!!

PHENOMENAL support ❤️

Much love and tons of sweet appreciation to ALL of our

(27) Nick Busscher
(20) Chaz Dean
(6) Carla & Scott Elliott
(2) Lisa Weber (In Honor of Audrey Snow)
(2) Diane Martincich
(2) Priscilla & Richard Tallman
(2) Tera Torres
(2) Bruce & Sue Walker Barker
(2) Jennifer & David Feeney 
(2) Molly Culver (Judy Culver)
(2) Donna & Brian Elliott
(1) Tory & Megan Garcia 
(1) Halcyon Show Jumping
(1) Tammy Muffett Bottemiller
(1) Hoffman Farms Store - Kelly & Jay Hoffman 
(1) Raina & Jason Ohare
(1) Carm & Chris Lyman 
(1) Rob & Rachel McQueen
(1) Christi Dodge
(1) Sandy Serpas
(1) Kendell & Martin Young
(1) Jodee Poremba 
(1) John and Anne Lilly 
(1) Eric & Kristen Davis 
(1) Stefani Sucic 
(1) Mary Jo & Jim Bartels
(1) Shauna & Andrew Torres 

Partial Donations:
$100  Nina Fine Le & Family 
$100  Diane Mitchell 
$50 JoAnn Vineyard

We did it!

20 went to CHOC Children's where Iron Man from 
Enchanted Characters helped us make our surprise deliveries!!

"You are an incredible person, doing amazing things for
the kiddos and their families!!!"  Kelli Zook

"I wanted to thank you again for such an awesome event with the iPads!! You are amazing and what your organization does is amazing!! We truly appreciate your generosity and support of our patients and families. Thank you again!!!" Amber Chavez, CHOC Children's

30 went to OHSU Doernbechers where we had
Iron Man and the Pink Power Ranger from the
the deliveries!!  The kiddos looooooooved THEM!!

"How flippin' awesome!!" Jennifer Feeney

"Wow!!  So amazing.  Thinking of you so very much.
Love you, and I love Hunter Bean". Emily Perry Tresser

and the entire donation was sponsored
by CHAZ DEAN!!!!!

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Photo Credit:
David Carlson Photography

"We had the most wonderful visit today! 
Thank you so much for the awesome iPads, our patients will be ecstatic!  
The Healing Hunter Foundation has been a true pleasure to work with, thank you
for bringing Hunter's Foundation to CHLA!!"
Carol Hamamoto, CHLA

"So generous and full of LOVE.  Let LOVE rule". Cathy Donovan Holt

"Iron Hunter's light shines on, iPad mini drive to 5 major Children's Hospitals. 
Lenore Davis entrusted me to deliver CHLA, where Chaz Dean sponsored. 
Hunter would've been 11 yrs old this week. Lenore and Zen, are a miracle, 
carrying the message of hope, courage, and infinite love, to children in need. 
The little warriors in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit have no immune system, 
and are almost totally isolated in the ward. Borrowing an iPad for an hour is a welcome respite. 
Getting THEIR OWN is one of the greatest gifts they could receive, on their journey to healing". 
Matt Nolan, Healing Hunter Foundation LA Rep 

Chaz Dean with Healing Hunter Foundation's LA Rep, Matt Nolan
delivering 20 iPads & iPods to CHLA's Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

"This makes my heart swell for you...that your pain has a beautiful
purpose and Hunter's legacy lives on!  So bittersweet as you see other
kids going through tough stuff too.  My nephew is in round 4 of chemo and
has had a few brain surgeries since May.  He turned 2 this week...there are no
words for that!  But you bring smiles into the midst of that and Hunter surely smiles
down.  Your trials have brought out the best in you and I still see your love for Hunter,
your other 'wild guys' and all these families going through similar experiences that you've
lived through.  You are a gem, Lenore.  You shine and make others sparkle too.  All my
love to you and the way you love and live well!" Jody Ferlaak

And 5 more went to lil' warriors across the country!!

"I can't even begin to explain the powerful influence you've had 
over our life and our love.  Just know that you rocked our world 
the day you were born, and your amazing lil' soul continues to do the same ❤️

I love you with every sweet morsel of my entire being and am sending 
you kisses and kisses and moooore kisses, so that when you lay 
your head down on your amazingly, soft lil' cloud pillow, 
you will have the sweetest of Angel dreams aaaall night long ❤️
Hunter's Mama

#LoveyouBean #HappyBirthdayMyLove #11yearsold #MissingYou 
#FingersLockedwithLove #HunterZenRocksOn #LightningRules


"Lenore Davis, we love you, and stand in awe of your strength and commitment.
God Bless those lil' warriors, they're so happy they have movies to watch,
YouTube, games, and a connection to loved ones on Skype, etc.  They all know
who Iron Hunter is and what he stands for". Matt Nolan, LA Rep

"Happy Birthday Iron Hunter!  You are an inspiration to us all".
Colleen Dooley

We deliver Apple iPads throughout the year in our
Smile & Love Sacks and are always in need of more!!


Each $250 donation allows us to gift (1) brand new Apple iPad or
iPod to (1) lil' cancer warrior fighting cancer.

Cheers and thank you for helping us 
rock the house with love, hope & smiles.

iPads were distributed to the following hospitals
Hunter's birthday week, September 19th - 22nd, 2017

Participating Hospitals


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KATU2 News Nominates Healing Hunter Foundation as an 'Everyday Hero'