Bunny LOVE Delivered - Surprise Easter Delivery - 2014

On the night before Easter,
All through the halls,
Lil’ warriors were sleeping,
Under bright twinkling stars.

Sparkling with utmost delight,
And hearts full of love,
These stars shined brilliant cues,
To sprinkle sweetness from above.

As the stars gave their cue,
In snuck sweet bunny nurses,
That had beautiful sacks full of goodies,
Legos, puzzles, books, toys and purses!

For little did these sleeping warriors know,
That bunnies all over town,
had been thinking of them sweetly,
and were so very excited for dawn.

For when the sun came up,
And their eyes opened wide,
They set sights upon surprise sacks,
Sweet Easter Bunnies delivered to hide.

These sacks were ripped open with joy,
Their hearts rang laughter and love,
And they were COVERED in toys,
While the bunnies and bright stars twinkled love from above.

- Hunter's Mom & his Amazing Easter Crew

BIG, loving THANK YOU's going out to all of our amazing supporters ♥

We are fortunate enough to be able to share these awesome photos of 
Griffin receiving his surprise Easter bundle!!!

Keep fighting Griffin!!! 
You've got an army or strength and love behind you 
FOREVER rooting you on! 

Surprise Easter delivery to

Surprise Easter delivery to
Randall Children's Hospital.

Starbucks gift cards and PEEPS!

We filled the Candlelighters Toy Box to the rim!

Some extra sweetness for the nurses stations 

Amazing Team In Training fans and supporters 
of our lil' love and his Foundation.  
Hunter remains an Honored Teammate and they've
rocked his sweet face and love across many finish lines!!!!
They've participated for the last 3 years and always do such a
wonderful job at collecting cool goodies.  
You guys absolutely ROCK!

And another sweet Hunter shout out to
Wells Fargo who brought us (3) HUGE
bins packed full of toys!