2014 iPod BASH a Sweet Success

Ending Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Hunter's
love and light shining across the country.  

I am overwhelmed with the amazing amount of generosity,
compassion and support that now surrounds this very
Hunter inspired project.

Thank you to all that participated with such wonderful love 
and enthusiasm.  My lil' man is very present and I am beyond 
words as to how he and all of those incredible kids fighting
are embraced with such strength, love and support.
Warms this mama's heart :)

One of my favorite endings to a 'thank you' that was received
from one of the families fighting - 

"Supporting the fighters,
admiring the survivors,
honoring the taken,
and never ever giving up!"

(Photo courtesy of Cissy Mutzer)

"You've brought such joy to so many once again.
You are simply amazing!" Sue Ritchey

Each iPod has a sweet lil' 'Thank You' card that is pre stamped
and self addressed to the sponsor that donated the actual iPod.
The sponsors aaaaaaalways say that 'thank you's' are so not
necessary and never ever expect it, however when they start to land 
upon their doorsteps, I know their hearts get splendidly 
filled with enormous amounts of love.

Our packaging this year was a cool lil' lock box
that came with a set of sweet keys.  We try to make
an effort to put the iPods in fun packaging that they 
can reuse for something else after they remove their
iPods.   They are back and forth to the hospital so 
often, it's nice to have lil' boxes and bags to tuck
away things they need or things that are important to 
them.  I loved these boxes this year and now they have a 
sweet love box so that they can keep things safe 
that are close to their hearts.

Thank you John Lily and Wells Fargo Advisors
in Gainesville, GA for sponsoring these AWESOME
cases.  They were such a hit and I just absolutely
LOVE them!!

And thank you Walgreens at Scholls Ferry for selling 
them to us at such a discount.  When you have to by 55
of them...it adds up quick!!!

One of the sweet cancer warriors receiving an iPod

(Photo courtesy of Crystal Henshen)

"My heart swells...Love that the Healing Hunter Foundation
brings so many smiles", Mara Posa Tripi

Dropping off (6) iPods to Randall Children's Hospital
in Portland, Oregon.

(Lenore Davis-Thawley, President & Founder of the
Healing Hunter Foundation and Hunter's mom).

(Todd & Lenore Thawley, Founders of the
Healing Hunter Foundation and Hunter's parents).

Lightning Cupcakes is the Official Cupcake Sponsor
of the iPod BASH!  Lightning Cupcakes was also 
created in honor of Hunter Zen and a portion of all
of their proceeds are donated back to the foundation!

iPods getting mailed out to kiddos fighting cancer in Florida, 
Georgia, Indiana & Canada!

Working together with some really amazing volunteers!
Packaging was so much easier with all of these sweet hands helping :)
Thank you SO very much Julie Tate, Kelli Hollister, Austin Walgraeve,
for your amazing assistance packaging all of this love up! 

(Photo courtesy of Julie Tate)

"We loved every minute of helping your amazing foundation
and can't wait to see what joy you're preparing for the holidays!"
Julie Tate

(Photo courtesy of Julie Tate)

We also dropped off (4) $100 Visa Gift Cards for the
families admitted at Doernbechers while we were
there.  Spreading some extra Hunter love.  

Sweet Hunter Zen.

2014 Rockin' Sponsors

(8) Kristin Hackley Escher & Friends
(8) Carla Lemburg Elliott
(3) Richard & Priscilla Tallman
(2) Lightning Cupcakes
(2) John & Jill Bochniak 
(1) Mike & Regina Douglas Siemon
(1) Nike - Matched Donation
(1) Mara Posa Tripi
(1) Emily Perry Tresser
(1) David & Jennifer Feeney
(1) Stefani Sucic
(1) Jason & Raina O'Hare
(1) Kristen Wylie Caputo & Family 
(1) Eric and Kristen Davis
(1) Sandy Rowlette Bent& Family
(1) Bill & Anna Perry
(1) Mark Erickson
(1) Michelle Necessary McLeod
(1) Nicholas Davis & Craig Heintz
(1) Bobby-Stancy Plumley
(1) Marty & Kendell Young
(1) Jenna Briola & Family
(1) Peter & Nina Fine Le
(1) Tera Torres & Family
(1) Molly Culver
(1) Matthew Fournier
(1) Cheryl L Hamilton-Williams & Family 
(1) Kelli Hollister
(1) Betty White Struble and Family & Palm Coast Chiropractic
(1) Paul & Erin Stanley
(1) Chaz Dean (WEN)
(1) DJ & David Eppolito
(1) Jonya Pinto
(1) Denna Fuentes

Partial Donations:

(1) $100 Rose Ferraro / Aubrey Ray
(1) $50 Nikki Atkinson / Lyndsee Wun / 
Ric & Masha Markmann / Anonymous

53 Total iPods!!

"The Healing Hunter Foundation fills a unique need for the families here at Doernbechers", Shirley Mason, Doernbecher, PHO

"The Healing Hunter Foundation is a blessing not just to the families of kids touched by cancer but also to those touched by their stories", Li Orola-Dagooc


Lightning Cupcakes, and the Healing Hunter Foundation were both created in honor of Hunter Zen, who lost his battle to Leukemia in 2010 at the young age of three. Lightning Cupcakes got it's name from the ever-so-famous and extremely cool, Lightning McQueen from CARS - Hunter's favorite movie & superstar idol.

In honor of Hunter's 8th birthday, Lightning Cupcakes and the Healing Hunter Foundation, along with several other incredibly generous individuals will be delivering sweet smooches and smiles all over the country and all the way in to Canada in honor of Hunter Zen Thawley's 8th birthday, who was one of the coolest lil' dudes to ever walk the planet.

A whopping 53 iPods have been donated to the foundation that will be bundled up with love and surprise delivered to Doernbechers Children's Hospital & Randall Children's Hospital right here in Portland Oregon. The remaining will be mailed to cancer warriors all over the country that are currently in treatment that could use a lil' smile and some very welcomed sweet distractions.

Paul Stanley from the rock band KISS is among one of the iPod sponsors, as well as Actress & Cover Model, Molly Culver and celebrity hair stylist and Hollywood stud, Chaz Dean of WEN.
The remaining 50 iPods were donated by amazing supporters that carry a sweet spot in their heart for Hunter and all of the other incredible lil' cancer warriors that are in the toughest battle of their lives.

"We are making an amazingly sweet difference and couldn't be more proud of the legacy that has been created", Lenore Davis-Thawley, Founder and President of the Healing Hunter Foundation and Owner & Cupcake Creator for Lightning Cupcakes.