iPod Birthday BASH 2012

On September 21st of 2012, Hunter's Birthday,
we delivered an iPod Touch to every 
child battling cancer at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

The surprise iPod Touch delivery is a HUGE treat for all of those lil' warriors,
and we were definitely pretty successful in delivering smiles,
upon smiles, upon smiles.

Note to Hunter from Mom...

Oh my miraculous lil’ prince pie… we are delivering iPods to all of those amazing lil’ warriors up at doernbechers for your birthday today. I am pretty positive that you’ll be looking after them and keeping them safe and pleasantly entertained from this day forward. I’m sure you’ll deliver them smiles and giggles and stunning Hunter wiggles…especially on the days they need it most.

Make their hearts beat to the sound of your music. Make their feet tap to your groovy lil’ style. Fill their hearts and minds with your everlasting hope and strength…and don’t let any of them ever give up.

For me baby love, you are the sweet, sweet music that continuously plays in my soul,
and the harmonious tune that gracefully carries all my memories.
I truly thank my lucky stars every single day, and feel so completely
blessed that you were in our life. I stand taller because of you.
I have the inner strength of a thousand loving elephants because of you.
And I have the courage of an extremely proud mama lion, because of you.

Your birthday is a day of celebrating, and has become an
amazing day to share your love.
Your love for music, your love for others, and your love for life.

Continue to soar high my sweet cheeked, lil’ Angel and enjoy this day to the absolute fullest. And feel free to blow me some kisses from time to time when you are feeling the need to send down something sweet. My cheeks will be anxiously waiting…mom


Hunter using his iPod about to go in for a Cat Scan.
Probably watching CARS.

Hunter and mom on one of the weekly clinic visits...
again, probably watching CARS.
We were NEVER without Lightning McQueen!

This lil' tool provides much needed entertainment that
takes the kids away from all of their procedures, X-rays, 
blood transfusions, bone scans...the list goes on and on.

One of our super cool warriors that received an iPod Touch in 2011.

Paul Stanley from KISS was generous enough to donate one to the kids!