iPod Birthday BASH 2012

On September 21st of 2012, Hunter's Birthday,
we delivered an iPod Touch to every 
child battling cancer at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

The surprise iPod Touch delivery is a HUGE treat for all of those lil' warriors,
and we were definitely pretty successful in delivering smiles,
upon smiles, upon smiles.

Note to Hunter from Mom...

Oh my miraculous lil’ prince pie… we are delivering iPods to all of those amazing lil’ warriors up at doernbechers for your birthday today. I am pretty positive that you’ll be looking after them and keeping them safe and pleasantly entertained from this day forward. I’m sure you’ll deliver them smiles and giggles and stunning Hunter wiggles…especially on the days they need it most.

Make their hearts beat to the sound of your music. Make their feet tap to your groovy lil’ style. Fill their hearts and minds with your everlasting hope and strength…and don’t let any of them ever give up.

For me baby love, you are the sweet, sweet music that continuously plays in my soul,
and the harmonious tune that gracefully carries all my memories.
I truly thank my lucky stars every single day, and feel so completely
blessed that you were in our life. I stand taller because of you.
I have the inner strength of a thousand loving elephants because of you.
And I have the courage of an extremely proud mama lion, because of you.

Your birthday is a day of celebrating, and has become an
amazing day to share your love.
Your love for music, your love for others, and your love for life.

Continue to soar high my sweet cheeked, lil’ Angel and enjoy this day to the absolute fullest. And feel free to blow me some kisses from time to time when you are feeling the need to send down something sweet. My cheeks will be anxiously waiting…mom


Hunter using his iPod about to go in for a Cat Scan.
Probably watching CARS.

Hunter and mom on one of the weekly clinic visits...
again, probably watching CARS.
We were NEVER without Lightning McQueen!

This lil' tool provides much needed entertainment that
takes the kids away from all of their procedures, X-rays, 
blood transfusions, bone scans...the list goes on and on.

One of our super cool warriors that received an iPod Touch in 2011.

Paul Stanley from KISS was generous enough to donate one to the kids!


  1. Emily Perry-Tresser

    I just received my Thank You notes from the iPod donation. . One from the sweet lil warrior, and a separate note, from her mom. I am in tears. Her mom wrote the most amazing note.
    "Everyone touched by Cancer suffers..and every suffering heart has an opening to receive something completely unexpected.._ LOVE. No matter what we call it-or don't give a name to it. If we've been on our knees asking for healing-then it is certain our lives have changed forever"
    and the note goes on..So beautifully written. Makes me emotional.
    This makes it ALL worth it for me. I will always support the Healing Hunter Foundation, and all of the beautiful work you do to give these kids hope. You can't put a price on that. I love you deeply.

    Thank you, and Zen, so much for organizing such a brilliant idea

  2. Hi Lenore...I just received a Thank You card (already!) from a very grateful ...Grant...he "sounded" so super excited and stated he always wanted an iPod Touch!...He said we made his day...well,what he does not realize is...HE made MY day...just knowing that one kid can have something to smile about while going through cancer treatment...Keep up giving out those smiles, Lenore....and I know that Hunter did a happy dance for every iPod given out...XXX

    Mara Posa Tripi

  3. Emily Perry-Tresser

    That is so sweet you put our names on these! You go above and beyond, to infinity and back! Love you so very much

  4. Sarah Helmes Traffie

    Awesome!! I am totally going to commit to being a part of this next year when you do it again!! I would love to donate :) I love this Lenore!!

  5. Laura Glass Felix

    Please add me too!

  6. Mara Posa Tripi

    Lenore...If I forgot to tell you....i LOVE LOVE the awesome packaging!

  7. Amity Candee

    **hug** with a few tears on the side

  8. Kathy Marlowe-Shipstad

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..... Happy birthday Hunter. Your parents are truly beautiful people.

  9. Laurie Baker Sienko

    What a beautiful testament to a beautiful love. I am envious of your way with words L -- it's truly magical. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing with us. Huge birthday love to all of you. <3 <3

  10. Amy Gall Childs

    Wow...I don't know your entire story, but what you wrote was beautiful and so strong! What a gift you are spreading and giving to those kids in Hunter's honor <3

  11. Jennifer Lampert

    Hoping all the smiles, hugs and love you receive today fill your heart with peace and joy!

  12. Michael Johnson

    Beautifully written. So many smiles up on the hill today. You continue to inspire & bring a smile to my face (and the occasional tears as well). Again, thank you a thousand times over for sharing with all of us. I am blessed beyond words to have been given the chance to meet your little Angel ... Hunter still runs with me, and inspires me when the trails get difficult.

  13. April Esposito

    Happy Birthday, little Angel. Wishing you guys love on this and every day :)

  14. Maggie Banda Compton

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!!!! ♥May all those iPods help spread joy, comfort, love and smiles, in your honor.

  15. Tara Baines Wann

    Beautiful, Amazing, inspirational....Thank you and Happy Birthday to you special boy!

  16. Emily Perry-Tresser

    So beautiful Lenore. Thinking of you guys, SO much

  17. Chrissy Rhyasen Smith

    Thank you for sharing, you are amazing. I hope today is full of rainbows and butterfly kisses

  18. Rachel Roberge

    an exceptionally beautiful love letter to an exceptionally beautiful boy -

  19. Rosanna Delacruz Diaz

    Happy Birthday to the coolest lil dude! You are in the hearts and minds of so many!!!!!

  20. Natalie DeLong Bland

    So many smiles today for such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday, Hunter. Spread that love, Mama! :)

  21. Cathy Donovan Holt

    Huge amount of love to a boy who changed my heart HUGE. Great love letter.....xooxox

  22. Amy Owens Kenagy

    It was a very happy day on the unit today! Thanks guys!

  23. Suzanne M. Cross Davis

    I had a lot of mommy's thoughts today. That you would Wiggle & Giggle and perhaps play with Henry and Snot Rod. Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie..I love you, Gramma. Hugs & Kisses.

  24. Jayne Dearborn

    Wow!! Lenore this is so beautifully written. You know Hunter is so proud of you and he will be there helping these brave warriors. Blessings to all of you for the love and kindness that you are sharing with these kids. Big hugs!

  25. Nicola Kosciuk-Galassi

    happy birthday baby... not a day goes by without a thought of what you brought into our lives - xo

  26. Cheryl Lynne Armenia

    You are an angel on earth blessing so many souls! : )

  27. Amy Watson-Bean

    You are AMAZING!!!

  28. Stefani Sucic

    You are the truest, sweetest thing ever. xxoxo

  29. Vikki Jensen

    looove it! love you too!

  30. Amy Owens Kenagy

    I hope I am working that day! It was so fun last year...

  31. Elizabeth Henderson

    Love, love, love!!

  32. Emily Perry-Tresser

    The strength you have to even walk into that hospital again, makes me so emotional. What you are doing for these kids, you just can't put a price on that. I can give up quite a bit of my spending to contribute to the Healing Hunter foundation. I cannot Thank you enough, and I know I speak for my parents at Perry's on Fremont, as well..Thank you, for finding even more strength to deliver iPods to these beautiful children. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors too. Such an amazing hospital. I will be thinking of you and Zen on his birthday, and all of the joy he brought to your lives, and still does.

  33. Michelle Necessary McLeod

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help out....the Healing Hunter Foundation ROCKS!

  34. Nina Fine Le

    Peter and I are honored to participate. you guys are AMAZING!

  35. Anna Perry

    Rocks must have been designed with you in mind, Leonore and Zen, for you show us how to stay strong in the arm of adversity and damn bad luck. Thank you for being such an inspiration and being our rock and guiding force and for showing us all how to move forward when life doesn't play the game as we think it should. We love you and adore yous.. now and always!

  36. Israel Salcedo

    My niece got hers! we wanted to say thank you. It brightened her day!

  37. Amy Davenport

    that is so cool!!!

  38. Chaz Dean

    Thank you..
    Bless you and as always Hunter....
    Sending Light, Love & Blessings...

  39. Sharon Lockwood Lamvik

    So cool!!!

  40. The Gladiators

    What an awwesome use of a preggy belly! You'll be bringing so many smiles when you deliver those lil babies :). Fantastic!

  41. Mariaelena Bail

    So awesome! Tomorrow I can donate blood in his honor again. Xoxo Hunter!

  42. Catherine Otero

    Omg its soo cool, i can see hunter smiling ! Im a hunters fan!

  43. Jennifer Lampert

    WOW!! Your guy is creating MAJOR HAPPINESs for so many kids! There's going to be some serious celebrating up at the hospital!

  44. Michelle Necessary McLeod

    YEA, so glad I could help! <3

  45. Patty Ennis Weightman

    so great!

  46. Maggie Banda Compton

    Love seeing those beautiful, joyful smiles. May those iPods bring them many moments of comfort, joy, distraction, respite, entertainment and even education, just like they did for Hunter and Ryan. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this. xoxo

  47. Mark Erickson

    Thank YOU, Lenore. Can't wait to hear your next great idea. You can count me in of course!

  48. Kendell Young -

    So happy to have been included, Lenore! You are AMAZING!!!

  49. Anna Perry

    You are an amazing compassionate loving love Lenore!!

  50. Emily Perry-Tresser

    I will always support this beautiful foundation. Love you Lenore.....

  51. Carmella Lyman

    Lenore, we received the sweetest most touching card from the little girl. Such joy and love you spread. Thank you.