iPad Mini Birthday BASH 2015

Every child battling cancer at OHSU Doernbecher
and Randall Children's Hospital received an 
Apple iPad Mini in honor of sweet Hunter Bean's 9th birthday. 


oh lovie...
The magic your lil' soul creates fills me with such joy. I wouldn't be able to make it through this day without your presence being all around me...and I will tell you with the sweetest of hearts, that I will truly feel your cuddly lil' arms giving me wonderfully, tight bean squeezes all day long. I'm so proud of you and your amazing lil' legacy. You rock it in the coolest of ways my love. Blowing you smooches to tickle your belly from sunrise to sunset...I love you sweet pea xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Every courageous, lil' warrior that we could find was given some 
amazingly, heartfelt love from a cool, lil' Angel up above.

"Awesomeness.  Love at its purest and finest,
all in the name of Hunter.  Love Love"  Pam Edwards

Some of the most amazing and meaningful hugs
I've ever received.  

"Dear Lenore,
Chloe received her iPad Mini today and screamed in sheer joy! 
I can't thank you enough for the sweet note you wrote. 
I shared it with my daughter & son in law, we are all truly touched. 
We appreciate the thoughtful way you lift the spirits of 
brave fighters and their families!
We took a picture of Chloe with her iPad and will send it to the 
Elliott family with the thank you note enclosed in the package.
Hugs, blessings, and sincere thanks!"
Jill Poe

KOIN6 News Coverage

"Love this!!! Thank you so much for all you do for our patients!!!"
Tricia Freeman - Randall Children's Hospital

& your support team. Hunter Zen Thawley and his legacy 
is changing so many kids' lives." Mia Colt heart emoticon

"I think this is such a beautiful thing." Eva Wright Mania

"The love you continue to share is really just incredible!
Your little man has to be so ridiculously proud of you!!!!!
You're amazing lady!" Vikki Jensen

"Thank you so much! Our 2yr. old son LOVES his
new iPad mini. Such a generous gift." Leilani Wilder Smith

"As a family who received one today, we can never thank
you enough.  Happy Birthday Hunter!" Katie McDaniel

"I was there yesterday and I do appreciate all you do. 
I got such joy from bringing them into my patients
and telling them about your beautiful son and the 
You rock!!!"  Linda Collins Harvey - Doernbecher Nurse

"The mom of one of my patients told me that this gift made
him smile, the first time in 48 hours!" Cheryl McQueen Way

"I so love this! Brings tears to my eyes, Lenore Davis! Hunter
 bringing smiles to those who need it most!!! 
Happy birthday to your boy. His memory shines on 
brightly through this incredible legacy you've created."
Tracy Borlaug

"Amazingly gracious and kind of you.  A fantastic distraction
from a rough rough situation.  Thank you for your love,
caring and generosity.  It's greatly appreciated." Greg Smith

"Hunter Foundation is absolutely amazing!!!!  How amazing is this to
bring so much love to a kid with cancer!  Happy birthday Hunter!!!
You're an extra special angel for sure!" Kelsey Smith

"Isair and Family would like to give a big huge "THANK YOU!" 
to the Healing Hunter Foundation 💝 their gift to Isair will help him 
a lot during chemo day at the hospital. God Bless everyone who 
helped put this foundation together." Isair family

"It's nice to see all the smiles.  Your strength is astounding Lenore.
Through a very difficult time, you manage to not only bring
smiles to others, but to smile yourself.
You are one in a million!!!" Wendy Tucker

We ended up with 53 bundles of awesomeness!!


Hunter's Mom and Dad

"All the time you both make us reflect on being grateful
and giving back.  You are love." Stefani Sucic

"Love the work you do Lenore Davis.  Hunter
is proud of you!! Jayne Dearborn

(Another version of KATU News Coverage 
with a different interview.)

"Love this one! Hunter's sweet face...his mama's sweet words and heart. 
Lots of smiles, lots of love and buckets of hope. xoxoxoxoxo"
Carla Elliott

Bundles of sweet, iPad love were also mailed out to 
Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, California & Chicago!!

"You have been through so much, yet you spread love and joy.
You, Lenore, are a hero to those children and an
inspiration to all." Christie Tronolone-Donoughe

"What Lenore and her foundation do is so amazing!" Lisa Weber

"Happy birthday Hunter!!! This is an amazing family that does 
big things in honor of their little guy!! So much love and devotion!"  
Crystal Henshen

Hunter's mom and dad with their sweet Hunter glow.

"Lenore and Zen, you guys are amazing! I am so inspired 
and awed by the incredible way you guys have dealt and 
grown with Hunters passing. You took the love he showed you, 
and continue to give that love every day to those who desperately need it. 
You guys truly are love and grace incarnate." ‪#‎Hunterhealsall‬
Parker Elliott

"Lenore and Zen! You guys are amazing.  This is so great
that you've found such a magical way for Hunter's memory
to leave in these children's smiles :)
Love and respect to you guys.  Hugs!"
Julie Nishimura

"This is amazing and awesome!  YOU are amazing and awesome.
Happy Birthday Hunter!  You've touched so many hearts lil' man!"
Julie Billiteri

"We love you guys so dearly.  You're truly amazing and lovely."
Stephanie Denton

"Hunter rocks...the sweetest little footprints stompin' all
over hearts forever!  Well done sweet boy!"
Carla Elliott

I cannot put enough love out into the universe to fully thank each and every individual that supports this amazing event. Every year I am blown away by the outpour of love and enthusiasm that is inspired by our cool, lil' love Hunter Zen.

Our Spectacular 2015 iPad Mini Sponsors:

(7) Carla & Scott Elliott
(4) Nicholas Bussche
(3) Kristin Escher & Family
(3) Jeff Argento
(2) Kendell & Martin Young
Paul & Erin Stanley (KISS)
Priscilla & Richard Tallman
John Lily & Family
Kristen Wylie Caputo
Raina & Jason Ohare
Matthew Fournier
Tory & Megan Garcia
Doris Jean Bloodsworth Eppolito
Emily Perry-Tresser
Jennifer & David Feeney
Stefani Sucic
Michelle Necessary McLeod & Family
Connie Kleck & Family
Jonya Streeper & Family
Carm & Chris Lyman
Michael Burton
Jacquie Baggenstos & Family
Anna & Bill Perry
Amanda Briggs
Samantha Tino & Family
Melissa Hoffman & Dan Berry

UGA ALUMNI (Partial Donations)
Nikki Chester
Karyn Meyer-Berthel
Jodi Scoggins
Ann Marie Allison
Jenny Davis
Cindy Young
Karrie Hendrick

More Amazing Partial Sponsors:
Mara Posa Tripi
Nina Fine Le
Tracy Borlaug & Family
Ellen Mitchener
Nicole Blum
Susan Richter
Kelly Masters
Nikki Atkinson

Another amazing & very heartfelt thank you to everyone that participated and made this happen. We delivered smiles upon smiles upon smiles to every lil' sweet warrior we could get our warmhearted hands on, and Hunter's birthday was truly a lovely, lovely day xoxoxoxo

Hunter's amazing journey can be found at