Bunny LOVE Success!

Such sweet love went into another Hunter inspired project heart emoticon We collected and will end up donating close to a thousand toys to Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, OR. KaaaaaaaaaaCHOW!!!

A note from one of the nurses at Randall Children's Hospital:

Lenore...it is truly a pleasure to be the recipient of your kindness. The joy on the children's faces on Easter morning, when they saw their new toys, is really indescribable. You are providing so much more than just toys. You are providing joy and excitement. You are providing a distraction from the daily routines of life in the hospital. You are providing a moment of respite to tired parents. And most of all, you are letting these little ones know that they are important and they are not forgotten. You are honoring your son in a most noble and inspiring way. Keep up the amazing work, mama!! Know that it is appreciated by soooooo many!!!
Lyndsee Kellstrom Wunn

"Easter Bunny Lenore! You rock! Although I couldn't be there on Sunday to experience the joy of the patients and siblings receiving their easter surprise, I certainly heard about it on Monday! I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and time you take to make each sack personally appealing to the child's age and interests. What a special treat for the nurses too.....to take a moment from doing all the medical aspects of their care, to being an Easter Bunny Elf! So heart healing for the as well. You are something special!" Susan Sherwood, Child Life - Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Hundreds of toys landed at Randall Children's Hospital!
Happy Easter lil' loves! Lots of bunnies all around town are thinking of you!!!!

One seriously, phenomenal mama by my side :)

Her and her amazing lil' family helped us pull off Easter this year!!! 
THANK YOU Carla & Scott & the rest of your sweet lil' fam for sharing your sweet hearts and primping bunnies and stuffing and labeling and packing and writing sweet note cards and staying up late...and on and on and on and on. 

Your wonderful love and assistance is incredibly appreciated and not taken for granted for a second!

Sweet bunny LOVE.

Amazing THANK YOU'S going to Carla & Scott Elliott and their sweet family, Molly Culver, John Lily and family, Martin & Kendell Young, Emily Perry Tresser, Sheila Stanton, Kimberly Lewis & Brande Jackson for your sweet donations Easter week.
And another wonderful THANK YOU to Kristen Wylie Caputo for that FANTASTICALLY HUGE box of toys that you sent our way! Such rockin' bunny love was in that box!!! 
heart emoticonheart emoticon
Big Hunter love going to everyone that participated, sent in toys, donated online, and blew us sweet love to push us along on our magical and inspirational journey.