2016 iPad Mini Birthday BASH

It's going to be Hunter Zen's 10th Birthday this year,
and that's definitely a cause for a HUGE celebration!!!  

We've decided that in his sweet honor this year, we will be celebrating his special day by giving away 100 iPad Mini's to kiddos fighting cancer.

On September 21st, Hunter's birthday, we will be making a surprise delivery up to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel and will be giving every lil' courageous warrior that is fighting cancer an iPad Mini.  

In addition to giving them out at the (2) major children's hospital in Portland, we also mail them out across the country to families that send us their story and request an iPad Mini for their lil' fighter.

"I was chatting with one of my patients in Spokane yesterday and they
told me their iPad was from Healing Hunter.  Yay!!
Your extending love to Eastern Washington.  It made my day", 
Ross Goshorn, Pediatric Cancer

All of this sweet magic happens by amazing individuals donating $250 to sponsor an iPad Mini for a cool lil' warrior.  These gifts provide a fantastic distraction while they undergo treatments and clinic visits for days, months...and sometimes years.  It's a wonderful piece of technology that allows them to listen to music, take photos and videos, watch movies...keep diaries...document their courageous fight.  The list goes on and on, and it's extreeeeemely appreciated.

Hunter used our iPods and iPhones CONstantly while going through his treatments.  It was truly the greatest thing ever to be able to pull up Lightning McQueen and watch CARS, as he's about to undergo his umpteenth body scan, Xray, chemo treatment or blood transfusion.  He was immediately taken away to a much sweeter place and was able to "somewhat" not pay attention to the intense happenings going on around him.

We've given away iPods and iPad Mini's now for 6 years in Hunter's honor and it's been a
tremendously successful event.  The sweetness just keeps getting bigger
and bigger and our circle of love just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

News footage from last year

If you'd like to participate, you can donate at the link below,
or send in a check to the Healing Hunter Foundation.  You can message
Lenore@HealingHunterFoundation.Org for the address and additional information.

We are going for 100 iPad mini's, so that means we need to raise $25,000!

Let's get this sweet 10th birthday party started!!!

All of this sweetness will be delivered in the new
Live to LOVE Trailer
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Healing Hunter Foundation
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Sweetly enhancing the lives of children touched by cancer.

To view some more footage of our love-filled projects,
click the link below.

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To request an iPad Mini for a lil' cancer warrior,
please complete the information below and email it to:

(All requests must be from within the United States and
they are given away on a first come, first serve basis.  We
will give them away while supplies last).

Requested Warrior information:

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*Treatment Hospital:

*Where are they in their treatment, (ie.  3rd out of 5 rounds of chemo, before or after Bone Marrow Transplant, relapse...)

Feeling active or mostly bedridden?

*How you heard about the Healing Hunter Foundation's iPad Birthday BASH:

*Have you or the recipient ever received anything from the Healing Hunter Foundation in the past?

Any additional notes or helpful information:

Sending much Hope, Love, Smiles and Sweet Prayers -

(US residents only).