2016 iPad Mini Birthday BASH

It's going to be Hunter Zen's 10th Birthday this year,
and that's definitely a cause for a HUGE celebration!!!  

We've decided that in his sweet honor this year, we will be celebrating his special day by giving away 100 iPad Mini's to kiddos fighting cancer.

On September 21st, Hunter's birthday, we will be making a surprise delivery up to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel and will be giving every lil' courageous warrior that is fighting cancer an iPad Mini.  

In addition to giving them out at the (2) major children's hospital in Portland, we also mail them out across the country to families that send us their story and request an iPad Mini for their lil' fighter.

"I was chatting with one of my patients in Spokane yesterday and they
told me their iPad was from Healing Hunter.  Yay!!
Your extending love to Eastern Washington.  It made my day", 
Ross Goshorn, Pediatric Cancer

All of this sweet magic happens by amazing individuals donating $250 to sponsor an iPad Mini for a cool lil' warrior.  These gifts provide a fantastic distraction while they undergo treatments and clinic visits for days, months...and sometimes years.  It's a wonderful piece of technology that allows them to listen to music, take photos and videos, watch movies...keep diaries...document their courageous fight.  The list goes on and on, and it's extreeeeemely appreciated.

Hunter used our iPods and iPhones CONstantly while going through his treatments.  It was truly the greatest thing ever to be able to pull up Lightning McQueen and watch CARS, as he's about to undergo his umpteenth body scan, Xray, chemo treatment or blood transfusion.  He was immediately taken away to a much sweeter place and was able to "somewhat" not pay attention to the intense happenings going on around him.

We've given away iPods and iPad Mini's now for 6 years in Hunter's honor and it's been a
tremendously successful event.  The sweetness just keeps getting bigger
and bigger and our circle of love just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

News footage from last year

If you'd like to participate, you can donate at the link below,
or send in a check to the Healing Hunter Foundation.  You can message
Lenore@HealingHunterFoundation.Org for the address and additional information.

We are going for 100 iPad mini's, so that means we need to raise $25,000!

Let's get this sweet 10th birthday party started!!!

All of this sweetness will be delivered in the new
Live to LOVE Trailer
Sponsored by

Inspirational, Trailblazing, Passionate. 

Healing Hunter Foundation
Official 501(c)(3)

Sweetly enhancing the lives of children touched by cancer.

To view some more footage of our love-filled projects,
click the link below.

Healing Hunter Foundation's
YouTube Channel

To request an iPad Mini for a lil' cancer warrior,
please complete the information below and email it to:

(All requests must be from within the United States and
they are given away on a first come, first serve basis.  We
will give them away while supplies last).

Requested Warrior information:

(* Indicates required field)

*Date of Request:

*Name of Person Requesting:

*Name of Recipient:

*Parents, (names):

*Address for Delivery:

*Contact Number, (person requesting):

*Email Address, (person requesting):

*Caring Bridge / Warrior Website / Blog, (if created one):




*Treatment Hospital:

*Where are they in their treatment, (ie.  3rd out of 5 rounds of chemo, before or after Bone Marrow Transplant, relapse...)

Feeling active or mostly bedridden?

*How you heard about the Healing Hunter Foundation's iPad Birthday BASH:

*Have you or the recipient ever received anything from the Healing Hunter Foundation in the past?

Any additional notes or helpful information:

Sending much Hope, Love, Smiles and Sweet Prayers -

(US residents only).

Live to LOVE Trailer Sponsor - WEN by Chaz Dean

"Live to LOVE" Trailer Sponsor

My heart is filling up with such sweetness as I begin this post. I am so incredibly happy and beyond excited to announce our super cool "Live to LOVE" trailer sponsor, WEN by Chaz Dean.
This rockin' trailer will now make all of our love-filled deliveries up to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel here in Portland, OR.
Chaz Dean is truly such an incredible person. We met him through the fabulous Wendy-Parker Purcaro when Hunter was going through his first round of treatments at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We used his amazing conditioners on Hunter's hair throughout his chemo and completely fell in love with his products. His heart is huge, he is overly kind and very generous and we are extremely proud to be associated with such an incredible human being.
Chaz, thank you for believing in us and our lil' love and for all of your sweetness that you've blessed us with over the years. We are dearly fond of you and are very much looking forward to spreading the sweet Hunter love with you.   
WEN by Chaz Dean - "Live to LOVE" Trailer Sponsor
WEN - Healthy Hair Care System

Surprise Toy Delivery Easter Weekend

Thank you Rivermark Community Credit Union​ for participating and 
gathering toys for this awesome event!!

Lots of sweetness was delivered into the lil' warrior's rooms today ❤️

I hope they realize how much they are thought about and can wholeheartedly feel the massive amounts of love coming their way ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Bunny Day from the Healing Hunter Foundation

A sweet stop on the Hunter Bunny Express to

It took a serious flatbed and a whole lotta wagons to get all of this 
bunny sweetness up to those amazing lil' fighters 

Our stop at Doernbechers!

Thank you Behind the Smile - Dentistry for Children for these cute, 
lil' toothbrush kits!!! We're stuffin' them in all of our surprise bunny smile sacks!!! Brusha...brusha...brusha!

Bunny love for the amazing nurses that take such 
awesome care of those courageous lil' fighters ❤️

The Healing Hunter Foundation delivers several bundles of
sweetness throughout the entire year.

Click here to DONATE:


Healing Hunter Foundation: Sweetly enhancing the lives of children touched by cancer.

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Angelversary Donations - Believe in LOVE!

Sweetness is happening!!

Click here to DONATE:


Make a sweet donation to the Healing Hunter Foundation and receive a rockin' LivetoLOVE mug!!
100% of the proceeds directly benefit the kiddos and their families atDoernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel through the Healing Hunter Foundation.

This is our precious attempt to make Angelversary days rays of light instead of days of darkness. This is in honor of all of the bereaved parents who have to tenderly acknowledge days like these. And we are paying it sweetly forward by helping out other amazing families that are currently in the fight. 

Get a business to sign up to donate a portion of their proceeds for the day and get a set of (4)!

Contact Lenore@HealingHunterFoundation.Org for more details.

Healing Hunter Foundation.Org

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I remember growing up hearing from many people at random times in my life that losing a child is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. I remember hearing that it is a brutal pain unlike any other. I remember hearing that some people don't come back...they never recover. They're lost in the despairing darkness forever.
It's a daily effort to wake every single morning and make meaning of Hunter's death. It's a daily effort to find a way to peacefully rest with it. It's a daily effort just to basically survive it. It's intense. It's merciless. It's heart thrashing. It's a devastating experience that can put you in tragic ruins for years.
At the blink of an eye I can think of something that will drop me to my knees and collapse my heart so profoundly...it makes me seriously wonder how we've made it this far. There are images and memories that live right there at the surface that are constantly being held at bay or beaten back.
I applaud every bereaved parent whose heart has been severely broken to no end, yet still finds a graceful way to love. I applaud every bereaved parent whose mind can be relentless, yet is still able to think & understand with a little bit of clarity. I applaud every bereaved parent who's soul has been pulverized, yet is still able to find a tranquil peace. I applaud every bereaved parent who is just able to make it out of bed every single morning and find a reason to live. I applaud our struggle to survive. 
heart emoticon
heart emoticon
Thank you so very much to everyone that has donated on behalf of Hunter's Angelversary. We're rockin' his love all over town and making an amazingly sweet difference along the way.
heart emoticon
Hunter's Angelversary | March 8th
Hunter's Journey 
heart emoticon

"Can't imagine your heart and the roller coaster of pain you experience; but I can say as an onlooker, what you've done with your pain has been life changing for so many and amazing to witness.  You and your family are MUCH loved".  Karyn Meyer Berthel

"We have only met in brief passing...but my heart drops when I see Hunter's beautiful cherub face that is now jumping in heaven's mud puddles, and wiggling with happy abandon.  Then I realize what a huge wave of goodness and love he left in his wake and those waves continue to roll and get bigger and BIGGER!  You are an amazing family and mom.  I so appreciate the energy you give to others.  I thank your family and your little Hunter bean for igniting a fire of happiness that fiercely spreads each day.  Peace."  Leslie Frederick


Angelversary Sponsors

You all could not have made our day any sweeter.
heart emoticon
 Thank you so very much to everyone that shared a lil' love in honor of our cool lil' rockstar.

"LOVE is the foundation for all things spectacular", Hunter's Mom 

LIVEtoLOVE Angelversary Pledges 
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Sweet Dollar Pledges:
$950 Carla Lemburg Elliott
$250 Kendell & Martin Young
$250 Jennifer Feeney
$100 Vikki Jensen
$100 Jen & Matthew Fass
$100 Jennifer Harrison
$100 Tera Torres
$100 Carrie Glasgow Weston
$30 Aubrey Ray
Sweet Business Pledges:
$1,755.20 AB Mauri Baking Solutions
$270.00 Catherine Campbell w/ L'Attriat Salon
In-Kind Donations:
(50) Behind the Smile - Dentistry for Children - Brush Kits
Walgreens (Scholls/Murray Location) - Commitment to Easter Smile Sacks
(3) Amazing Stuffies! Karrie Danhof Hendrick
(1) Sweet Box of Goodies - Kristen Wylie Caputo
(3) Mp3 Players - Andrea Herbst Stepien
100% of the proceeds will directly benefit the kiddos and their families at Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel through the Healing Hunter Foundation heart emoticon
Healing Hunter Foundation.Org

Angelversary Facebook Posting

Sweet layers of LOVE

The Portland Zoo used to make me feel sick to my stomach every single time I drove by. I used to turn the music up really loud and make the biggest effort to start thinking of something else…ANYthing else that would engage my thoughts, and make me think of something other than Hunter’s last days.
The trip to the zoo killed us. It was one of the most painful trips of my life. I remember everything about it and there are several images and memories burned into my psyche that will haunt me for the rest of my life. He was so sick at that point he couldn’t get out of his stroller to walk. We knew we were going to lose him, we just didn’t know when. So it became this race to love him and enjoy him and expose him to everything beautiful and amazing and wonderful…everything a 3 year old would want to see and enjoy and experience in their lifetime. Yet we had very little time to do it and he was just so very sick. And just so tired. And sore, and we’d have to pump his lil’ body up with “happy juice” aka oxycodone so that he would feel well enough to take in some beauty and be able to enjoy these lil’ trips that we were taking him on.
Kids were racing circles around us. Tearing through the zoo like nobody’s business. Running, stomping, jumping, laughing. Taking in every last drop of it. Every now and then one would stop and give a quick glance at Hunter’s “nose hose” and his puffy cheeks and his sweet lil’ furry face, from the steroids, and wonder what was wrong with him and why he wasn’t out of his stroller like all of the other kids playing….jumping…and laughing.
I remember painfully crying, while pushing his stroller through several parts of that zoo. Our lil’ love was going to die. Oh my God.
An extremely, traumatic trip.
I had decided about a year after Hunter passed that I wasn’t able to keep up my dancing shenanigans and my “lets think of fun thoughts” game every time I drove by the Portland Zoo. Which was quite often. Not to mention, it didn’t really work. So it was clearly time to face it. It was time to dreadfully go back. It was time to sweetly layer it.
It started with very close family and friends at first. Wasn’t sure how hard it was going to be and I wanted to have some other meaningful memories there to somewhat walk along with the Hunter memories. They had to be powerful and sweet. People we loved dearly, people who knew Hunter. People we could crumble in front of and know they would tenderly pick us up…if they weren’t crumbling along beside us.
It took awhile. But it eventually started to happen. My memories became something more than just the haunting ones. I can now, on most occasions, drive by the Portland Zoo and smile. I can at least now drive by without a daggering pain in my heart that I feel could have, at one point, killed me. I can now drive by with some sort of serenity.
I’ve now begun the sweet layers of Hunter’s "Angelversary" and I have so many amazing hearts to thank. I truly didn’t want to dread this day. I didn’t want the darkness to overshadow the light. I didn’t want the sorrow to overshadow the love. I wanted to embrace Hunter and all of his love and all of his shining sweetness and have that carry me through my day instead of bury me.
Thank you all so very much for loving our lil’ bean as much as you do. Thank you all so very much for believing in us and our lil’ journey. Thank you all so very much for so tenderly and lovingly carrying us through this Hunter day of absolute sweetness.
Cheers to LOVE and Hunter’s amazing, lil’ life 
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What Hunter's spectacular LOVE has become...

"The story you are about to read is about a mother and her fierce and unwavering love for her son. The decision to post it during Christmas week was a thoughtful one.  Here is a mother who, despite having the ultimate tragedy thrown her way, remains one of the most joyful people I have ever met.  Her love for her son moves mountains, and that devotion and passion has translated into her work and the projects she has taken on in his memory.  There is no Q&A at the end of this profile because their story is enough.  What you will find are links to where you can donate to her amazing organizations and their fun, spirited events; and also sign-up for the national bone marrow registry, which I assure you is so easy to do and so…so important.  Thank you for reading, and have a happy, joyful holiday." Morgan Brasfield, Driven for Women

Surprise Santa Sacks

Surprise Santa Sacks and toys were delivered to
on Christmas Eve to every kiddo fighting cancer!!!

They were filled to the rim with tons of puzzles, games, trucks,
cars, Barbies, coloring books, blankets and some of the teens even
got iPods!  

One of the sweet sacks that went to a 2-month old lil' warrior.

Inside is a soft musical giraffe, a whirl & tumble elephant, (3) teethers, 
a seahorse rattle, a Patchwork baby blanket, a pink flower beanie, 
an extremely cozy swaddle blanket, a lil' flower clip, a soft, happy daisy, 
a colorful pinwheel and then it's topped off with super soft and 
fuzzy & very cuddly stuffed animals. Filled to the rim with lots of 
amazing love and thoughtfulness. 

"You are so amazing Lenore!!  We are so thankful for you!"
Lyndsee Kellstrom Wunn, Randall's Nurse

"You guys are truly amazing! Every time I look at the bag my daughter
got last year I'm reminded of how much joy it brought us!
Forever grateful!" Denysha Cross

"You guys who do this for us family's are amazing,
Merry Christmas" - DeAnna Lawson

Photo courtesy of Leslie Ayers Holley

"Thank you for adding a smile to our Christmas" - The Holley's

Sweetly organized by room number where they were
picked up by the nurses to go deliver some awesome
holiday cheer.

"You gals are truly the BEST! So much love to you this
Holiday Season!!"  Lyndsee Kellstrom Wunn, Randalls Nurse

Stuffing the sacks the night before.  We were up
until 5am! There were several kids admitted the day
before and we had to go out and do some more power shopping! :)

"You continue to amaze me and bless this community
here and afar" - Deva Harris Williams

Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Carla & Scott ElliottMolly Culver, John Lily & Family, Priscilla & Richard TallmanAubrey RayBrian Spitulski & Sean Currigan of Checking For CharityMara Posa TripiCaryn AbdillMartin & Kendell Young, & Kimberly Lewis for your awesome contributions.
And MORE sweet and extremely appreciative THANK YOU's to Nina Carlson& Jackie Henderson w/ Rivermark Community Credit UnionJennifer Lampert and family on behalf of their sweet boy Ryland, Micki Bergantzel Moss & Girl Scout Troop 45735 for your bundles and bundles of really fantastic toys!!
Smiles and love were definitely delivered on Christmas Day!

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Healing Hunter Foundation
HealingHunterFoundation.Org 501(c)(3)

The Santa Sacks from last year :)