Scholls Summer Kick-Off Festival

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton, OR 97005



                The Scholls Summer Kick-Off Festival is a fabulous event hosted by the Healing Hunter Foundation and the Scholls Women's Club on the beautiful grounds
of Hoffman Farms in Beaverton, Oregon. 

A party for a thousand people, this event is going to kick summer off with the 
sweetest and most heartfelt bang that this amazing, lil' community can handle.

Eight local schools have been invited and we'll be highlighting the very brilliant scholarship winners and will also be showcasing the Courageous essay contest winners. And then special performances from the featured schools will be rockin' the house all day long. 
Truly highlighting the kiddos and their exceptional talents.

Volunteers from Portland Fire & Rescue will be on the grill. Cool Principals, Firefighters, Coaches and Teachers will be getting soaked in the dunk tank. GameTruck Portland will be on-site with fun gaming activities. We'll have Bubble Soccer, bounce houses, an amazing giant slide, Superheroes & Disney Princesses, a photo booth, a Lightning Cupcakes & Cake cake-walk, a Hoffman Pies pie-eating contest...the list of crazy fun goes on and on and on :)

There will also be an Adult Lounge, a Teen Lounge, a Kid Free Zone and amazing raffle items which include an Apple iPad Mini, a super cool Xbox, Nike Gift Cards, 
and tons and tons of other event packages and sweet bundles.

100% of the proceeds go towards the Healing Hunter Foundation 

and the Scholls Women's Club. 
Two phenomenal organizations making a huge impact in our communities.


Hoffman Farms - Official Home of the Scholls Summer Kick-Off Festival
Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes - Official Cake Walk Sponsor
Hoffman Pies - Official Pie Sponsor
Portland Party Works - Official Party Sponsor
GameTruck Portland - Official Gaming Sponsor
Royal Throne - Official Luxury Restroom Sponsor

Benefiting Charities:

The Healing Hunter Foundation - HealingHunterFoundation.Org
The Scholls Women's Club - SchollsWomensClub.Com

The Scholls Woman’s Club is an amazing not-for-profit community organization with a rich history of involvement in the Scholls Community.  The Healing Hunter Foundation is an outstanding organization that sweetly enhances the lives of children touched by cancer.  An official 501(c)(3), the Healing Hunter Foundation’s efforts directly benefit the children and their families at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Randal Children’s Hospital in Portland, Or, and other hospitals across the nation.  (Several news stories of their events and projects are available upon request).

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#PartyWithaSweetPurpose #LivetoLOVE #Summer2017

TROLLS Holiday Happy Place

Trollabration Wreaths!

Branch Cluster!

Hunter's Mama with Poppy

Dreamworks Animation is kicking off our holiday decorating at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and we're gonna rock that holiday house TROLLS style!!
They've sent us tons of TROLL hair, official movie posters, activity sheets, cool tattoos and more!
All of these goodies will be handed out on the day-of decorating which is December 2nd!
We will also be using these goodies to decorate as well as fill the surprise Santa Sacks that are delivered to the lil' warriors on Christmas Day.
Sooooooo THAT MEANS we need everything and anything TROLLS!!
Participate in the TROLLS magic!

Send an email to Lenore@HealingHunterFoundation.Org if you'd like to send us some sweet TROLLS love and happiness!!

<3 <

Sweet Wrap Up - 2016 iPad Birthday BASH

Hunter's 10th Birthday was an incredibly HUGE success!!

So many magnificent people to thank for making his
awesome day a day full of love, surprises
and brilliant, brilliant smiles.
Happy Birthday my love!  Your amazing sweetness is shining bright!

"Happy Birthday little hero.  You have brought hope, happiness, and 
understanding to so many.  Thanks for all the help you've given to
your wonderful mom and dad.  You have given others so much strength".
Ann Audley

This spectacular event started with 21 iPods back in 2011.  We thought it would be super cool to try to get each and every kiddo fighting cancer that was admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital an iPod Touch to help distract them and provide some awesome entertainment while they were going through treatments. Their Oncology Unit has 21 rooms.  Hunter's birthday is on the 21st.  So 21 seemed like a good number and an excellent place to start.  We got 21 iPods donated that first year from all of Hunter's sweet supporters, plus 2 more sweet ones to boot.

Well we definitely thought that was awesome, but then the next year we got 25, the following year 35, then 40, then we switched to iPad Mini's and got 55 in 2015...and now...this year, we did 105 iPad Mini's and delivered them to 5 major children's hospitals on the West Coast!!!  Absolutely unreal.

"We gave out our first iPad today to a patient in transplant, it was heart melting!!!
It couldn't have been a more perfect gift for them, thank you for making such an
incredible difference.  We are all so delighted by this gift".  Stephanie Chami, CHOC

25 iPad Mini's went to kiddos fighting cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital!

"Thank you for this wonderful donation and your visit today.
The kids loved it".  Seattle Children's Hospital

President & Founder of the Healing Hunter Foundation and
Hunter's Mama, Lenore Thawley with Seattle Seahawks player
Tylor Harris

"This is such a heartwarming story :)  Thank you for sharing this with me.
You did amazing work, and made so many children's lives brighter".  
Katie Rodgers, Fred Meyer

"Sharing kindness, love and a ray of light is such a beautiful
gift.  Thank you SO much!" Leslie Frederick

20 iPad Mini's went to kiddos receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant at
Children's Hospital Los Angeles!

"Celebrating Hunter's birthday today by delivering tons of iPad Mini's to
little warriors fighting the fight at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
The Healing Hunter Foundation continues to sprinkle love each and
every day.  So proud of you Lenore Davis!"  Jennifer Feeney

"Hey Hunter, so many cancer warriors know your name, "Iron Hunter", and
the courage of your parents Lenore & Zen Todd.  We met a girl
named JoJo, who was so happy to get her iPad Mini today.  
So many cancer warriors felt joy today because of their gift on
your 10th birthday. Your spirit continues to change the world little man.
Love you buddy".  Matt Nolan #HappyBirthdayHunterBean

Every kiddo admitted at Doernbecher Children's Hospital
received an iPad Mini!  

20 iPad Mini's went to kiddos receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant at
Children's Hospital of Orange County!

"Amazing and outstanding work!" Tim Gilbert, Portland Firefighter

"So much sweet love being sprinkled because of Hunter Zen Thawley
and his beautiful family!!!!" Rosanna Delacruz Diaz

"We've wholeheartedly harnessed that 'Hunter power',
and we are embracing his amazing lil' energy and
using it to sweetly enhance the lives of children
touched by cancer".  Hunter's Mama

And 10 went to cancer warriors at 
Randall's Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel!

We did it!!

The Healing Hunter Foundation and all of our fabulous supporters 
are continuing to rock the house with

"Very beautiful thing you are doing.  I know your
Angel is smiling down". Eva Wright Mania

Official "Live to LOVE" Trailer Sponsor

"I've never seen this much love on wheels!"
Jill Poe

Our incredible Business SPONSORS!

Fred Meyer
Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes
Horizon Pediatrics
The Albany PIX Theatre
Twin Oaks Airpark
Scholls Women's Club
MaKena Built
Baggenstos Farm Store
River's Edge Pet Medical Center
Dickey's (Murray/Scholls)
Sweet Siren Boutique

Our amazing individual SPONSORS!

(List printed at bottom)

"She did it!  What an amazing way to use your life,
Lenore & Todd - by giving it back to others.
You are an amazing warrior mama!"
Priscilla Tallman

Press Release:

Incredible people, Incredible Cause.

Kids at Seattle Childrens with Cancer Get Love from Healing Hunter Foundation and Seattle Seahawks

Players from Seattle Seahawks are delivering some joy to the kids at Seattle Childrens' Hospital in the form of iPads - to keep the kids busy while being treated. More details below. Seahawks will be presenting these gifts at 11:30am on Tuesday in conjunction with Healing Hunter Foundation founded by parents of Hunter Zen Thawley, a young amazing warrior who lost his battle with cancer.

CONTACT: Lenore Davis-Thawley Healing Hunter Foundation 501(c)(3)
Phone: 323.497.8038

100 iPads Donated to Children Battling Cancer in Honor of a Little Boy who Lost his Life
Parents who lost their child to AML Leukemia are making surprise deliveries of Apple iPad Minis to children battling cancer at 5 major children’s hospitals on the West Coast. The Seattle Seahawks will be helping with the delivery at Seattle Children’s Hospital and then the Parents will be delivering them to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. iPad's are also being delivered to Children’s Hospital Los Angels, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and kiddos battling cancer across the country. 
The heart-broken parents created the Healing Hunter Foundation 6 years ago on behalf of their son Hunter, their charismatic little 3-year-old boy that lost his battle in March of 2010. The 100 iPad mini’s are in honor of Hunter’s 10th birthday and the foundation wanted to celebrate it with an appropriate bang increasing their donation from the past year from 50 to 100 iPad Minis. They will also be delivered in their brand new "Live to LOVE" trailer sponsored by Chaz Dean of WEN.
Little Hunter watched his favorite movie Cars, and rocked-out to cool music videos during his long and intensive cancer treatments with the help of his parents iPhones. This technology served as an incredible distraction while little Hunter was fighting for his life. Hunter’s parents know all too well what it’s like for a child to face the harsh reality of cancer and wanted to give these kiddos an amazing way to escape. 
Among the many generous sponsors that make this happen are Paul Stanley from the rock bank KISS, Celebrity Hairstylist Chaz Dean of Wen Hair Care, Fred Meyer and Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes, (a 5 star bakery boutique in Beaverton created by Hunter’s mom with a mission to raise money directly for children with cancer). 
The Healing Hunter Foundation’s mission is three fold: to bring smiles to the children suffering from these devastating diseases, to increase bone marrow and cord blood donations, and to assist other families dealing with childhood cancers.

Hunter’s amazing journey can be witnessed at - 

September is nationally recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness month 
The Healing Hunter Foundation: 501(c)(3)

The Healing Hunter Foundation on Facebook:
Lightning Cupcakes:
Lightning Cupcakes on Facebook:

Healing Hunter Foundation Sweetly enhancing the lives of children touched by cancer.

Individual Sponsors:  

(23) Nick Busscher
(4) Fred Meyer
(4) Laurie Reser & Family
(4) Carla & Scott Howard Elliott
(4) Kristin & Curt Escher
(2) Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes (In honor of Hunter Zen)
(2) Horizon Pediatrics PC
(2) Molly Culver & Family (In honor of Judy Culver)
(2) Diane Martincich
(2) Priscilla & Richard Tallman
(2) Anonymous Donor
(1) Erin & Paul Stanley ( KISS )
(1) The Albany Pix Theatre
(1) Friends of Pix
(1) Makena Built Custom Homes
(1) Halcyon Show Jumping, LLC
(1) Scholls Women's Club
(1) Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark
(1) River's Edge Pet Medical Center
(1) Dickey's Barbecue Pit (Scholls Murray Location - Tim Arbogast)
(1) The Lemburg Family
(1) Connie Kleck
(1) Jonya Streeper
(1) Sharon Bernash Smith ( In honor of Silas Jeremiah Smith)
(1) Raina & Jason Ohare
(1) Rob & Rachel McQueen
(1) Emily & Joe Jessal
(1) Carrie Glasgow Weston
(1) Carm & Chris Lyman
(1) Jackie & Michael Henderson
(1) Masha & Ric Markmann
(1) Jennifer & David Feeney
(1) Lisa Weber
(1) Christi Dodge & Nina Carlson
(1) Tera Torres
(1) Sandy & Timothy Bent
(1) Julie Regin Aufranc (In honor of Brandon Aufranc)
(1) Mark Erickson
(1) Christine Tarallo
(1) Mara Posa Tripi
(1) Reed & Sue Ritchey
(1) Donna Howard Elliott
(1) Jacquie Baggenstos
(1) Stefani Sucic
(1) Kendell & Martin Young
(1) Cheryl L Hamilton
(1) Kristen & Eric Davis
(1) Tory & Megan Garcia
(1) Tracy & Jeff Borlaug (In honor of Brody Borlaug)
(1) Frankie & Emily Perry-Tresser
(1) Anna & Bill Perry
(1) Deva Harris-Williams
(1) John & Anne Michele Carrozza Lilly
(1) Vikki & Steve D. Jensen (In honor of Luke Jensen)
(1) Katie Keichline (In honor of Jax)
(1) Samantha Tino & Family
(1) Tammy Muffett Bottemiller
(1) Jenna Briola
(1) John & Jill Moore Bochniak
(1) Dave & Doris Jean Bloodsworth Eppolito
(1) James & Mary Jo Bartels
(1) Stephen & Elizabeth Niedringhaus 

Partial Donations:
$200 Terry Robertson Ince (In honor of Sean David Cochran & Jessica Lynn Cochran)
$200 Nina Fine Le & Family
$150 Denna Fuentes
$100 Sweet Siren Boutique
$100 Rhiannon Weaver
$90 Aubrey Ray
$50 Hailey Elliott
$50 Lesa Hamilton Miller
$50 John & Diane MitcheLl
$50 Jen Stoltz
$50 Helen Belletti
$50 Melissa Digregorio
$25 Kevin Withrow
$20 Abrasive Armory
$40 Lisa Weber
$25 Anonymous
$1250.00 (5 iPad Mini’s)

2016 iPad Mini Birthday BASH

It's going to be Hunter Zen's 10th Birthday this year,
and that's definitely a cause for a HUGE celebration!!!  

We've decided that in his sweet honor this year, we will be celebrating his special day by giving away 100 iPad Mini's to kiddos fighting cancer.

On September 21st, Hunter's birthday, we will be making a surprise delivery up to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel and will be giving every lil' courageous warrior that is fighting cancer an iPad Mini.  

In addition to giving them out at the (2) major children's hospital in Portland, we also mail them out across the country to families that send us their story and request an iPad Mini for their lil' fighter.

"I was chatting with one of my patients in Spokane yesterday and they
told me their iPad was from Healing Hunter.  Yay!!
Your extending love to Eastern Washington.  It made my day", 
Ross Goshorn, Pediatric Cancer

All of this sweet magic happens by amazing individuals donating $250 to sponsor an iPad Mini for a cool lil' warrior.  These gifts provide a fantastic distraction while they undergo treatments and clinic visits for days, months...and sometimes years.  It's a wonderful piece of technology that allows them to listen to music, take photos and videos, watch movies...keep diaries...document their courageous fight.  The list goes on and on, and it's extreeeeemely appreciated.

Hunter used our iPods and iPhones CONstantly while going through his treatments.  It was truly the greatest thing ever to be able to pull up Lightning McQueen and watch CARS, as he's about to undergo his umpteenth body scan, Xray, chemo treatment or blood transfusion.  He was immediately taken away to a much sweeter place and was able to "somewhat" not pay attention to the intense happenings going on around him.

We've given away iPods and iPad Mini's now for 6 years in Hunter's honor and it's been a
tremendously successful event.  The sweetness just keeps getting bigger
and bigger and our circle of love just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

News footage from last year

If you'd like to participate, you can donate at the link below,
or send in a check to the Healing Hunter Foundation.  You can message
Lenore@HealingHunterFoundation.Org for the address and additional information.

We are going for 100 iPad mini's, so that means we need to raise $25,000!

Let's get this sweet 10th birthday party started!!!

All of this sweetness will be delivered in the new
Live to LOVE Trailer
Sponsored by

Inspirational, Trailblazing, Passionate. 

Healing Hunter Foundation
Official 501(c)(3)

Sweetly enhancing the lives of children touched by cancer.

To view some more footage of our love-filled projects,
click the link below.

Healing Hunter Foundation's
YouTube Channel

To request an iPad Mini for a lil' cancer warrior,
please complete the information below and email it to:

(All requests must be from within the United States and
they are given away on a first come, first serve basis.  We
will give them away while supplies last).

Requested Warrior information:

(* Indicates required field)

*Date of Request:

*Name of Person Requesting:

*Name of Recipient:

*Parents, (names):

*Address for Delivery:

*Contact Number, (person requesting):

*Email Address, (person requesting):

*Caring Bridge / Warrior Website / Blog, (if created one):




*Treatment Hospital:

*Where are they in their treatment, (ie.  3rd out of 5 rounds of chemo, before or after Bone Marrow Transplant, relapse...)

Feeling active or mostly bedridden?

*How you heard about the Healing Hunter Foundation's iPad Birthday BASH:

*Have you or the recipient ever received anything from the Healing Hunter Foundation in the past?

Any additional notes or helpful information:

Sending much Hope, Love, Smiles and Sweet Prayers -

(US residents only).