Childhood Cancer Awareness Month | Hunter's 14th Birthday


We've designed and created these amazing kits!  

In a huge effort to keep kiddos fighting cancer safe while in treatment, especially during COVID and Flu season, we've created these kits to help the kiddos and their families keep everything in one place that will help them fight some serious germs.  

During and in between treatments their bodies experience an incredible amount of distress and their immune systems are being rocked to no end.  A common cold, let alone COVID or the Flu, can really do some serious damage to their severely compromised systems.  These kits are designed to help parents and kiddos keep the essentials close and ready to use and travel whenever they need to be aware of germs as they are coming and going to and from the hospital or home.  

It can be worn across their shoulder, placed on a table, strapped in the car, hooked to a stroller, thrown into another tote, they can always have their essentials on hand and ready to use when they need them most.  

We've designed these kits with some very amazing assistance from TAH Life, whose bags are stylish, functional and extremely well made.  These bags will get used a great bit and can completely withstand the daily and constant use, and will especially last for those that are in treatment for months or sometimes years at a time.  

Each handcrafted bag comes with the following:

2oz. Bottle of Trader Joe's Hand Sanitizer inside front magnetic pocket for easy access.

A Handcrafted Reusable Cloth Mask with filter pocket & washable laundry bag from TAH Life. Mask is kept in an easy access pocket, which will keep it separate from everything else.  

A Contactless Touch-Tool that's ready to use at the teller, credit card machines, and assist on opening doors with handles, so that fingers do not have to touch any contaminated surfaces.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes to wipe down any surfaces, wipe down phones, wipe down inside of car, or any other surface that is touched on a regular basis that might harbor germs. 

2-Pair of Latex Gloves (disposable) if needed to pump gas, go into certain stores or use in public restrooms. 

Tiny Trash Sacs for used wipes and gloves.

All Natural Chapstick by Naturistick since lips tend to get dry taking masks on and off all day.

Travel Size Hand Lotion since hands can get dry from the constant sanitizing and hand washing. 

Peppermint Breath Drops from Crest because everyone loves a fresh scent when you are breathing in your own breath all day!

Personal Pen for use at the grocery store, bank teller, pharmacy or anywhere else where you would rather not use the public pen.  

A Digital Thermometer to check for fevers, which is a constant and never ending thing while battling childhood cancer.  

This bag is extremely well made of material that can easily be wiped down and disinfected on a regular basis.  


(Due to the nature of COVID and the difficulty and unpredictability of the supply chain, there are times when some of these products might be out of stock.  In that case, we will fill it with an extra item that is currently in stock.) 

When supplies run out, we've designed the bag so that it can be refilled with local products of the same size.

This bag also has room for a phone and a stash of cash or credit cards if it's the only bag they choose to travel with :) 

And when they've beaten cancer's BUTT, they can use this bag for a travel organizer, make-up or toiletry bag, phone & charger organizer...truly whatever they'd like, it's very multi-functional!   

Each bag is a $100 donation and we will be mailing them to our (4) major children's hospitals that we support: OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and CHOC Children's. Donations also help us cover the cost of packaging and informational materials as well as shipping expenses.

You can also donate or send one to a front-line worker or patient at a different hospital, or an essential worker anywhere across the country, send one off to a college student, get one for yourself, anyone at all who you think needs these essentials handy and ready to go!  A portion of the proceeds benefit the foundation!!

Bags are being produced now and will be sent out the week of Hunter's 14th birthday which is on September 21st!


The donation covers the cost of the bag, all of it's stay-safe contents, 

packing, shipping & informational materials, and the cost of shipping.

Please make sure to leave a current email address and any additional address information in the notes section if we are sending a kit to someone else!

If you'd like to mail in a check, send an email to for the mailing address!


AMAZING Killer COVID Kit Sponsors!

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More information regarding COVID-19 can be found on the CDC's website:


As well as the World Health Organization:

WHO | COVID Information

Toy Story 4 Rockin' the Children's Hospital

Transforming OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital
Oncology Unit on December 1st!

"Being there for a child is the most
noble thing a toy can do." Woody

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2019 Healing Hunter Foundation's iPad Birthday BASH

Going for 100 again and we're up to 70!!

2019 iPad Birthday BASH Sponsors

(25) Chaz Dean  |  WEN by Chaz Dean
(25) Nick Busscher  |  Experience Marketing

(3) Fred Meyer
(2) Scholls Women's Club
(2) Jennifer & David Feeney
(1) Stefani Sucic
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(2) Julie Regin Aufranc
In Sweet Honor of Brandon
(1) Tera Torres
(1) Scott & Carla Elliott
(1) Jennifer Gross Pavicich
(1) Linda Barvinchak Hackley

Partial Donations:

$150 Diane Mitchell
$50 Helen Belletti

Every child battling cancer at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Randall Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Children's Hospital of Orange County will be gifted a brand new Apple iPad Mini on Hunter's Birthday, September 21st, 2019.  

Click on the DONATE button to make your heart smile!

MORE Good Day Oregon's Segment on the Midsummer's Night Feast

Lenore and Todd Thawley stop by MORE 

to talk about the first annual benefit 

dinner for the "Healing Hunter Foundation"

Here's our MORE Good Day Oregon segment!

The dinner is next Thursday, August 15th, and major ticket sales end Sunday! Don't miss this lovely evening <3



Field & Vine Events
WillaKenzie Estate
Wild Roots Spirits
Oregonic Tonic Kombucha
Copper Blossom Design
Twinkle Trees
Royal Restrooms Portland
Kelby Maria Photography
Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes
Hoffman Farms Store
One Fork Farm Caramels

Presented by Oregon Heritage Farms and benefiting the Healing Hunter Foundation 

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PRESS RELEASE | Farm Fresh Dinner in the Apple Orchard | A Midsummer's Night Feast

You may mail in your ticket purchase if you'd like to avoid the Eventbrite service charge fee.  Please email for more information.  


Erica Perez
Perez Public Relations
(503) 249-0459                                                  


 PORTLAND, Ore. (July 24, 2019) – The Healing Hunter Foundation (HHF), a Portland-based, not-for-profit organization that supports and uplifts children battling cancer, has announced “A Midsummer’s Night Feast,” its first annual benefit dinner to raise funds to improve the lives of children facing and fighting cancer. Held on Thursday, August 15th on the 200-acre apple orchard at Oregon Heritage Farms in Hillsboro, the event will feature a five-course meal provided by Field & Vine Events, the entity that hosts “Dinners in the Field.”  The expertly prepared dinner, using locally-sourced ingredients will be paired with wines from WillaKenzie Estates, vodka from Wild Roots Spirits and kombucha from Oregonic Tonic.
Recognized for its outstanding work in Portland’s childhood cancer community, HHF creates impactful projects that truly enhance the lives of children fighting cancer. Founded by Lenore Thawley and her husband Todd Thawley, the couple lost their son, Hunter, to Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2010 when he was three-and-a-half years old.  Prior to his passing, he spent most of 2009 hospitalized at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  Thawley recalled the little things that brought Hunter joy while in the hospital and on the One Year Anniversary of Hunter’s death, she and her husband brought toys to the children fighting cancer at Doernbecher.  The following year, the Thawley’s delivered 21 donated iPods to Doernbecher, one for each patient in the unit where Hunter spent his final days often listening to music on his dad’s iPhone.  The following year, they delivered 30 donated iPods on Hunter's Birthday and the tradition has grown and continued on Hunter’s Birthday every year since then, resulting in 100 donated iPods on his Birthday for the past three years.  Thawley details Hunter’s life story in their blog
“The mission of our foundation is to deliver hope, love and random acts of kindness to the little cancer warriors in Portland. With our first benefit dinner, created to support these brave children, we want to bring the community together in a way that embraces joy, happiness, and hope, and what better way to do that than with delicious food and love?  Children are fighting hard for their lives every single day at Randall Children’s Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and if we can deliver some smiles and goodness to them, and pay it forward with overwhelming amounts of kindness, then dining for a good cause has a very sweet effect,” said Healing Hunter Foundation co-Founder Lenore Thawley.  
Dessert will be provided by Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes, a dessert boutique created in 2010 by Lenore Thawley, which provides additional funding for HHF. Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes, which regularly receives 5-Star customer reviews, will serve a custom-made Apple Butter Cupcake to reflect the venue, using apples from Oregon Heritage Farms’ apple orchard.
A raffle will be held at the dinner and raffle items will include Apple iPads, custom-made signs designed out of wine barrels, WEN hair products by Hollywood Hairstylist Chaz Dean, One Fork Farm Caramels from McMinnville, and more.  A wine wall featuring wines from Willamette Valley Vineyards, Cooper Mountain Vineyards, Oak Knoll Winery and more will also be available. Each guest will also go home with an event swag bag full of locally-sourced goodies, including a mini bottle of vodka from Wild Roots Spirits, ginger kombucha from Oregonic Tonic, Apple Sugar cookies from Oregon Heritage Farms, and mini fresh fruit pies from Hoffman Farms Store in Beaverton.
Proceeds from “A Midsummer’s Night Feast” will benefit HHF. The dinner will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on August 15th The event will be held rain or shine.  In the event of inclement weather, dinner will be served in Oregon Heritage Farms’ historic apple barn.  The cost for the dinner is $150 per person, which includes a 5-course meal, wine, beer, vodka and kombucha drink pairings, gratuity and one guest swag bag. For “A Midsummer’s Night Feast” dinner tickets, please visit or EventBrite, or via Facebook at  Advance tickets only.  
About the Healing Hunter Foundation
The Healing Hunter Foundation is the proud recipient of Fox12’s Be the Change, as well as KATU News’ Everyday Hero.  Recognized for their outstanding work in the childhood cancer community, the foundation creates impactful projects that truly enhance the lives of children fighting cancer.  They’ve donated hundreds of iPads over the last nine years to children in treatment and children receiving bone marrow transplants.  They bring the children’s cancer unit to life over the holidays and completely transform it into a magical winter wonderland, in an effort to keep the children’s spirits lifted after the diagnosis of a deadly disease.  And they deliver “Love and Smile Sacks” filled to the rim with toys, games and cuddly stuffies when a child is in need of some smiles and sunshine.

About Oregon Heritage Farms
Oregon Heritage Farms is a four-generation owned and operated apple orchard in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Our apple farm consists of over 200 acres of apples and our farm store operates seasonally from mid to late August through November. We are committed to providing an apple farm experience the whole family can enjoy.


The full menu will be available via social media the week of the event, and are subject to change based on seasonal availability of the best ingredients.

Limited seats available.  (Tickets Non-Refundable)

WillaKenzie Estate - Official Winery
Wild Roots Spirits - Official Vodka
Oregonic Tonic Kombucha - Official Kombucha
Copper Blossom Design - Official Florist
Twinkle Trees - Official Decor
Kelby Maria - Official Photographer
Royal Restrooms Portland - Official Restroom
Hoffman Farms Store - Official Pie 
One Fork Farm Caramels - Official Caramel