"LOVE" Project

Who DOESN'T like to get a lil' LOVE on Valentines Day?!
And because we have such wonderful sponsors and amazing supporters,
we were able to give a whole lotta LOVE!
Another big success, a bunch of sweetness delivered
and a super wonderful day for all that were involved.
Many, many heartfelt thanks to all that participated!!!

These very hip and cool hearts, made by the lovely Vikki Jensen,
were stuffed with goodness and given to each kid that was
admitted at Doernbechers Children's Hospital, Oncology Unit.
Filled with Valentines cards, gift certificates and treats...the kids
and their families were very surprised and thoroughly enjoyed
their lil' bundles of LOVE :)

Coolest kid EVER! Below is Sam and his mom Dee, and not only did they receive
some super special LOVE on Valentines Day, but back in September,
Sam was also one of the kids that received one of the Healing Hunter Foundation's iPods!

The nurses all delivered the hearts stuffed with LOVE,
but Sam and his mom wanted to personally thank us,
so Ryder and I got to meet them!

He thanked us with a super sweet smile and
thought our foundation was really, really neat :)

He only has 5 more treatments out of 60, so he's almost done!
Way to go Sam!!!!! You're AWESOME!!!!!
It was a total honor to meet you and you're gonna beat cancer's BUTT!!

We received over 500 cards from people all over the world.
We even got cards all the way from ENGLAND
to share with the kids!

Ryder and I getting ready to go in to deliver the LOVE :)

A Groovy Kind of LOVE indeed :)

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  1. Valerie Gogol

    Sam is the man!!! :) Best wishes to all the kiddies fighting that battle!! Lenore, bless your heart for bringing them comfort and love! xo