Spectacular Winter Wonderland

We were granted the amazing opportunity to transform the Doernbechers
Children's Hospital, Oncology Unit, into a Spectacular Winter Wonderland
for the
holidays and WOW...absolutely fabulous
are the only words that come to mind.

We did it up, dazzling, Dr. Seuss Style and it was well received and
extremely appreciated by the patients and their families,
the staff, and all of the visitors that are in and out
of the hospital on a daily basis.

People from all over the country donated thousands of dollars
worth or ornaments to make it all happen and I'll have to say,
our supporters have great style!

These are all photographs of the ornaments that were donated
and the halls that were decorated :)

Our awesome tree topper!

The nurses station on 10 South as you enter the Oncology Unit.

The avenue of FIGHTERS.
Hunter and many, many, MANY
other warriors walked these halls and fought
and still continue to fight for their lives.

Our Dr. Seuss "Grinch" tree. Even Dr. Seuss took notice -
Dr. Seuss - "Very creative! We love it!"

This wonderful note was left behind the nurses station in Clinic.
Makes it all so worth it :)

We covered the walls with holiday cheer every single place we could...

And, of COUSE, Lightning McQueen made an appearance!

One of my favorite parts...the children's windows lined with garland.
Totally brought me to "Seussville"!

Our Healing Hunter Foundation ornaments that sold out in the first week!

We brightened every single nook and cranny.

And it all came from LOVE :)

"SUCH an amazing event. Tons and tons and TONS of people participated
and an amazing amount of people to thank :) Fantastic feedback.
Everyone up at the hospital loves it. Just lovely. Absolutely lovely.
It's an event that will hopefully continue for years and years to come."
Healing Hunter Foundation


  1. Amanda Holley Jones

    My Hunter just said he will give up "Santa Gifts" for the tree, so we are in! Message me where to send the checks. What you are doing is amazing!

    Lenore Davis ‎

    .....I have no words.....standing here listening and watching my tears fall to the floor.....speechless.

    Amanda Holley Jones

    Lenore, You have given him the definition of what it means to give. I am eternally grateful for that and you. Your sweet Hunter is with us, always. Xoxo

  2. Anonymous

    Healing Hunter friends and fam, check this out! I am constantly blown away by Lenore Davis and her amazing family. Interested in spreading some cheer? Only a couple of clicks away from being a part of something awesome!

  3. Mark Erickson

    Thank YOU, Lenore! Such a great project. The Healing Hunter Foundation hits another home run!

  4. Rachel Roberge

    Love what you are doing Lenore. Magical! xo

  5. Connie Kleck

    Proud to help the celebration of love and Christmas. You rock!

  6. Blue Butterfly Campaign

    Our friends and fellow supporters of finding a cure for AML in children, Healing Hunter Foundation are up to some fabulous Christmas Magic, see their site here and see if you can help!!!

  7. Aja Cooper

    Ahhh! You are so awesome. Love everything you are standing up for. Lucky world to have you in it.

  8. Matt Nolan

    you are so amazing! So proud of you, and always proud of Iron Hunter's enduring love and spirit.

  9. Priscilla Tallman

    Looks like so much fun!

  10. Regarding LIGHTNING McQUEEN

    Tracy Kelleher - Love this one

    Chrissy Rhyasen Smith - how perfect!

    Tera Torres - Couldn't resist! Love everything that is coming in, so exciting!

  11. Connie Kleck

    Proud to help the celebration of love and Christmas. You rock!