Superhero's Holiday Extravaganza


Thank you. 
 Thank you to everyone that sent in fabulous items.  Thank you to everyone that sweetly volunteered. Thank you Portland Fire & Rescue. Thank you ALL for your phenomenal support!! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU. Everyone did an amazing job. I'm so thrilled with the SuperHeroes Universe that we all created. Everything came together so fantastically and it all looks crazy, powerful!

The amazing SuperHeroes that will be protecting our awesome lil' warriors this 
holiday season at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

The Incredible Hulk at the hand washing station as you
enter the unit :)

Captain America Tree Topper on (1)
of the (3) trees that enhanced the floor!

 Spidey in a cove :)

Clinic waiting room :)

SuperHero wreaths lined the hallways!

SuperHeroes hung above their room windows!

We covered the railings!

Presents under the tree :)

Hit the playroom :)

SuperHero prints poppin' off the walls!


Batgirl hiding out in the Christmas Tree with
our lil' love. 

This is the clinic waiting room where all the lil' warriors 
check in for treatment when they are not admitted.

Lil' SuperHero details tucked in everywhere :)

Comin' atcha!!
The life-size decals bring it to life :)

Continuously strive for peace in the universe...always ;)

Our fun Tinsel Tree in one of the hallways.

There is a hand sanitizer station outside every room,
and every single one of them got sprinkled with clusters :)

Gotham City.

Warrior Strength

Vintage prints throughout the halls.

Hunter's SuperHero volunteers that helped create Doernbecher Children's Hospital's spectacular universe!!  Including Portland Fire & Rescue!

And boy did we put them to work!

SuperHero Volunteers

Zen Todd, Carla Lemburg Elliott, Scott Howard Elliott, Tracy Borlaug, Vikki Jensen, Lar Leigh White, Michael White, Heather Johnston Matheny, Melissa Hoffman, Nina Carlson, Mary Jo Bartels, Christi Dodge, Pam Benne Kirk, Shirley Bevens, Chrissy Rhyasen Smith, & Crystal Henshen

Hunter's Mom and President & Founder of the
Healing Hunter Foundation, Lenore Davis-Thawley

Only the beginning of what it takes to decorate the entire Oncology Unit!


It takes thousands of dollars and thousands of ornaments to pull 
off this incredible event every holiday season. 

We are doing it up Superhero style this year and will be turning the entire 
oncology unit at Doernbecher Children's Hospital into an extremely 
cool, POWER packed Universe!!!!

We'll be decorating November 30th!

Donate here if you like to help us spread the amazing holiday cheer!!

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News Coverage from last year's event:


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